Xigent Automation Systems, Inc.

Robotic Case Studies

Robotic Clinch & Sealant Assembly Robotic Clinch & Sealant Assembly
Flexibility in sunroof assembly occurs when multiple operations are integrated into one system — clinching, sealing, riveting. [PDF]
Mirror Bonding Workcell Mirror Bonding Workcell
Kuka robots work in concert to apply reflector panels of a solar dish concentrator. [PDF]
Front Knuckle Assembly Front Knuckle Assembly
Fanuc robots assist with multiple pressing and labeling operations. Data collection and lot tracability are managed. [PDF]
Surgical Net Assembly System Surgical Net Assembly System
A SCARA robot is employed to improve quality and eliminate a tedious job. Vision inspections assist in the process. [PDF]
Laser Marking System Laser Marking System
Denso robots guide multiple breaker types through laser etching process. System is certified as a Class IV laser product. [PDF]
Toner Cartridge Disassembly System Toner Cartridge Disassembly System
Vision-guided robots disassemble a consumer product. Valuable components are reclaimed, reducing landfill waste. [PDF]
Cup Fill & Carbride Press Assembly Cup Fill & Carbride Press Assembly
A compact and efficient workcell surrounds a Fanuc LR Mate robot. Precision powder filling and gaging are vital. [PDF]
Rear Housing Assembly Rear Housing Assembly
A single Fanuc robot uses dual end-of-arm tooling to manage vision inspections, air gaging, pressing, pinstamping & more. [PDF]
Lower Control Arm Assembly Lower Control Arm Assembly
An improved locating process ensures parallelism and prependicularity of bushings & bearings to casting bore holes. [PDF]
Front Knuckle Assembly Front Knuckle Assembly
A servo slide mechanism is supported by vibratory bowl feeders, a stud bolt driver, ink marking & pinstamping equipment. [PDF]
Engine Assembly Line Modifications Engine Assembly Line Modifications
Fanuc robots with automatic dispensing and bolt feeding systems are incorporated into this more efficient layout. [PDF]

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